CLICQ! Resources

DiCE Adaptation Guide Download
Brief Overview of CLICQ! Download
DMAIC – D-M-A Download
DMAIC – I-C Download
Diagnostic Cascade Evaluation Toolkit: DiCE-2021 Download
Improvement Project - Presentation Template Download
Improvement Project - Problem Statement and Metric Selection Download
LARC 2.0 Activity Workbook Download
Overview - Process Map - Impact-Effort Download
Overview of CQI Download
Process Map Activity I and II Download
Site Visit Form – Excel Download
Site Visit Form – Word Download
Stakeholders Workshop Presentation Download

Ready to get started?

For information on how to begin implementing CLICQ! at the national-, state-, local-, or facility level, click below. Resources include training materials on continuous quality improvement (CQI), tools for data abstraction and review, other strengthening activities.