After the clinic and laboratory staff return to their respective sites, they will begin implementing their improvement projects. This includes monitoring progress using the aims, objectives, metrics, and targets selected during Learning Session 1. MoH and program staff and/or external partner staff will conduct routine remote or on-site visits at the enrolled sites to provide mentorship and course corrections for the improvement projects, if necessary. Supervisory support should be conducted according to the schedule established in the Stakeholders’ Workshop. Monitoring visits and communication provides opportunities for site staff to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of CQI principles. Refer to the CLICQ! Users Guide for more information.


After 4 – 5 weeks of mentorship site visits, all participants travel to a prearranged venue for the second Learning Session. Similar to Learning Session 1, virtual formats may work for this event, but have not yet been field-tested. Learning Session 2 spans five days where participants receive more CQI training, review site-specific data from the selected metrics, and receive feedback on improvement projects from all participants. Feedback from all participants on improvement projects, metrics, challenges, and successes is a critical component of developing an understanding of CQI. Many of the participants will be engaged in similar improvement projects and will be able to help with site-specific ‘lessons learned.’

At the end of the Learning Session, MoH and program staff and or external partner staff will provide training to the participants from each of the sites on preparing run-charts to monitor improvement project impact. Refer to the CLICQ! Users Guide for example agenda and more information.

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For information on how to begin implementing CLICQ! at the national-, state-, local-, or facility level, click below. Resources include training materials on continuous quality improvement (CQI), tools for data abstraction and review, other strengthening activities.