CLICQ! launches when staff (MoH and other stakeholders) arrive at the selected sites to begin evaluating the TB diagnostic cascade using the DiCE toolkit. Each site assessment takes approximately one working day for completion. Refer to the CLICQ! Users Guide for more information.


Ideally, immediately following entry assessments, all participants will travel to a prearranged venue for the first Learning Session. Virtual meeting formats may be effective for this program but have not yet been field-tested. Learning Session 1 spans five days where participants will receive CQI training, review site-specific data from the DiCE entry assessments, and cover expectations for improvement projects to close selected gaps. Refer to the CLICQ! Users Guide for example agenda and more information.
LARC 2.0 Activity Workbook Download
Brief Overview of CLICQ! Download
Overview - Process Map - Impact-Effort Download
Overview of CQI Download
Process Map Activity I and II Download
Intro to D-M-A-I-C- Model Download
Overview of D from D-M-A-I-C Model Download
Overview of M from D-M-A-I-C Model Download
Overview of A from D-M-A-I-C Model Download
Improvement Project - Problem Statement and Metric Selection Download
Improvement Project - Presentation Template Download

Ready to get started?

For information on how to begin implementing CLICQ! at the national-, state-, local-, or facility level, click below. Resources include training materials on continuous quality improvement (CQI), tools for data abstraction and review, other strengthening activities.